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Toney Thornhill grew up in the auction industry and learned how to do bid calling, better known as the distinctive “Auctioneer’s Chant”, through tongue twisters (Betty Botter Bought some Butter, But she said this Butter’s Bitter, anyone?). He got his professional start in 1990 as a ringman, where his role during events was to signal the auctioneer to bids placed in the audience. Toney obtained his auctioneer’s license in 2000 and the passion he derived from successfully piloting events led to the formation of Higher Calling Auctions in 2010. Toney is committed to continuing education and holds two designations through the National Auctioneers Association (CAI and BAS) and two licenses with the Missouri Professional Auctioneers Association and the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation. His 21 years of experience combined with 10,000 hours of accredited training means he and his team will bring to your event absolute professionalism, high-energy stage presence and expertise unmatched in the industry. Our ultimate objective at Higher Calling Auctions is to help organizations maximize profits through crowd engagement and by having fun!

Higher Calling Auctions has raised over $2 million dollars since its inception and has always exceeded our event goals. As a business built on integrity, transparency and enthusiasm, we are Ambassadors for your cause

Toney is a US Navy Veteran and is married to his amazing wife, Tonya. Together they have a family of 4 children and 2 beautiful grandbabies. Toney loves coaching baseball and when he’s not on a stage or behind a microphone he’s camping outdoors!

Toney is honored to be the incoming President of the Missouri Professional Auctioneers Association for 2022. 

Toney Thornhill

CAI, BAS, Lead Auctioneer, owner of Higher Calling Auctions,

Other services provided by Higher Calling Auctions are event consultation, silent and live auction planning, item procurement, board, volunteer and committee training, event layout and timeline management.